Harenna is a limited production, selected from our own vineyards located in the area of Matapozuelos, between rivers Adaja and Eresma With 730 meters altitude, most of the selected Verdejo grape vines are ungrafted with an average age of 150 years old.

The terroir is sandy, "Harenna" this factor forces the vines to search for their deep underground water resources, much more so than in other Rueda Region.

Harenna is a  full-bodied wine, well structured in which mineral and terroir (earthy) flavors and scents prevail. The interaction between climate and soil exerts a direct influence on the tannin´s ripeness and on the balance between alcohol and acidity.

The end result will be an aged wine also the oenologist Reyes Martínez-Sagarra admits that although “I have is working unhurriedly, little by little”, vinified separately in stainless steel tanks with a prolonged maceration on the skins, using natives yeasts.