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Bodega y Viñedos Garciarévalo

Garciarévalo with the Dj Óscar de Rivera

We have made a new exclusive wine for the international DJ Óscar de Rivera that will be displayed on Decembrer 21 in Valladolid. Take a look on facebook and twitter.
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The terroir

Sandy, poor in organic and negligible matter in water resources. It does that the grapes are of small size concentrating on his flavor, and with a perfect balance between the grade and the acidity. Our situation, between two rivers, produces an exceptional microclimate characterized by his low temperatures, between 3 and 4 grades less of temperature that the rest of the term, which produces a big climatic difference between the day and the night.

Our work of investigation and development of new plantations is developing principally in this zone with the use of ancestors clones of the variety verdejo existing in the zone and almost missing.

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White Whine D.O. Rueda. By sticking with tradition, wine matures on its lees (until winter is over) while fermentation process takes place, with periodic batonage. 

This 100% Verdejo shows lighter yellow/green colour at sight. 
Very complex nose displaying intense varietal character enhanced by mineral, toast and bakery notes, with a fine harmony. 
Still a little young, this wine should continue to improve. Fleshy, luscious, with a very pleasant and outstanding mineral finish.
This complex, full-body wine pairs perfectly with traditional dishes, grilled meat, hotpots and white meats.
Rueda Appellation of Origin White Wine
Variety: Verdejo

Grapes are grown in sandy soils and undergo chryomaceration. 
Straw yellow in colour, with some greenish reflections and very bright edge. 
Noble, very clean and well-defined aromas of pear, redcurrant and rose petals that lead to the classic aniseed and fresh fennel notes which are laced with citrus fruit 
Soft and sweet flavours with a quite fleshy texture pleasantly coat our mouth. Good fresh mouthfeel, lively mid-palate, nervy intensity with a very special bitter finish with the unique strong Verdejo character. 
Very lingering finish.
Noble wine filled with character that will wonderfully please even the most demanding palates. 
Try this wine with strong flavoured fish, such as tuna or salmon. Dare to try it with mild and very fine cheeses.
Serving temperature: Best served at between  8 ºC and 10 ºC.
Rueda Appellation of Origin White Wine
Variety: 85 % Verdejo - 15 % Viura

Straw yellow colour with greenish hues.
Clean and sensual on the nose displaying tropical aromas of pine-apple that lead to big lovely powerful fruit, fresh grass and a subtle touch of fennel typical of Verdejo.  
Soft attack of glycerine followed by fruity, fresh, citrus and sparkling sensations.
Extremely refreshing and very soft wine.
Serve with a light chill and you will be seduced by this the soft texture of this complex wine. 
Serving temperature: Best served at between  8 ºC and 10 ºC.
Rueda Appellation of origin, Variety: Verdejo y Viura. A young wine with varietal character.

Fermented under temperature control, yielding a straw colour wine, with fresh aroma , and floral and fruity hints.
Powerful and mature mouth laced with a subtle bitter touch.
A wine to be shared.
Rueda Appellation of Origin White Wine
Variety: Verdejo

Clean, bright, crystal-clear wine in straw yellow colour, with greenish hues, typical of Verdejo.   
This wine shows an explosion of tropical aromas suggesting maracuya, pine-apple and fine herbs. Aromas of tropical fruit and aniseed fennel come through on the palate, with an unctuous body, complex and very long.  A pleasant varietal bitter finish. 
It pairs perfectly with white meats, seafood, vegetables, pasta and rice dishes. 
Serving temperature: Best served at between 8ºC and 10 ºC.
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About us

Antonio Arévalo

Working since 1991, it started by doing works of wine vault and field.
In 1995 takes charge of the management and the commercial work, and now he is the manager of the wine vault combining them with the commercial work.
3 years in management and business administration
Courses of management wine companies
20 years in the making of wines

Manuela Arévalo

Postgraduate in industrial relations.
He takes charge of the administrative tasks, and relation with the clients.

Rodrigo Arévalo

Agricultural foreman, manager of the vineyards.

Agricultural foreman, manager of the vineyards.

License gives in oenology. Dynamic, filled with enthusiasm with his work, she is the manager of reflecting in our wines the personality of garciarevalo.

Enrique Arévalo, Jose Mª Rebaque, Ignacio Gamazo

Enrique Arévalo is employed along with Rodrigo at the farming of the vineyards, Jose Mº and Ignacio wine merchants.

Huizhi Li

Export manager for the Asian market.

Every day we write our history

Jose Antonio Arévalo and Benicio Garcia founded his winery with the union of his two families “ Garcia and Arévalo ” in 1991, with the intention of preparing wines of the grapes proceeding from the centenary vineyards placed in the municipality of Matapozuelos, famous for producing one of the better grapes of the variety verdejo.
Our philosophy is to create wines that reflect our origins, the ground, the climate, combined with the wine traditions and the news and technologies.
All our team working on the making of the wine as of the farming of the vineyards, looking for excellence and the good job, trying to transmit our philosophy of life and work to all our clients around the world.

Look. Listen. Feel.

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Plaza de San Juan, nº 4
47320 Matapozuelos (Valladolid)
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